Outrun the future

The company «Appdepp» — an ambitious team of professionals and friendly staff that can handle the most complex c, but interesting problems in the development, optimization and promotion of mobile applications.

Feature of the company «Appdepp» is to optimize the process of developing mobile applications. It is also possible to optimize and support ready for mobile applications.


app — application, de — development, p — programing, p — promotion.

Application development, programming, promotion.


The company «Appdepp» — held as a team not so long ago, in the summer in 2012, but in that time has proved itself in the enterprise market segment.



Our approach

Increasingly, we find the concept of «Development of mobile applications.» For a start we can look at the concept.

So «mobile application development»:

script definition using the application (use cases);

prototype (or a layout sketch);

After planning, designing and programming (perhaps without design);

Testing applications on a device (test for);

transfer applications to the customer (perhaps with the codes);

the application is placed in the App Store (AppStore, GooglePlay, etc.).

In the above processes, as a rule, to take part:
developers (former programmer);
programmers (or in common encoders);
designers (usually from a web design).

As a result, we can get just a good mobile application, and in the worst case, the application, which will sort out only the developer (not just faced the such).

But what is necessary for the application to be not just good, but the best among similar mobile applications. This is especially important in the commercial and corporate segments.

If we will select the best features and introduce the maximum amount of technological capabilities, we can get a mobile application «Spaceship» — with hundreds of thousands of features and capabilities that will do almost everything.

But also to use this mobile application will only specially trained «astronauts» are not so much among the users.

So what to do? There are several ways:

— the first option to hire a team of developers with his staff of analysts.
In this case, you spend a little time in order to gain insight into the process and in all details, but there is a possibility of construction «airplane.»
And if you need a «Jeep»? Completed work will already be covered by you, which means that you pay for «Airplane», and maybe even get it, but you would have been enough and the «Jeep»;

— the second option, hire a team of developers, and a separate group of analysts.
In this case, you go into all the processes and refine the nuances. Help and guide you exactly where will be made «Jeep», but you are wasting your time and money that might have been spared in the construction of «jeep» and not «Airplane»;

— the third option, hire a team of developers and to contact «Appdepp», which holds not only the analyst, analysis functions and quality, but also deals with the optimization of mobile applications, working in parallel with developers.
In this case, you do not waste time in order to gain insight into the process and in all details, you save money on a group of analysts, but getting the right «Jeep».

You will get the best results. Mobile application that will perform tasks intuitive for users, and have the capacity even to the extent that they need.